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Here are some pictures of me taking my Jeep out with the MTU Four Wheelers. There's usually some sort of damage involved by the end of the day, but hey, it's all in fun, and mostly cosmetic; so it's worth it for the extreme fun (and the cool new paint job)!

Me: Getting stuck is what it's all about. That's why you go off roading, to get stuck.
Chris: Yea, if that wasn't the point, it would just be called driving

Rockhouse - 8/30/03

Obenoff - 9/6/03

Poker Run - 12/6/03

Breakers - 12/13/03

Whoops! (a collection of miscellaneous mistakes from outings)

Taking Eric's ghetto cruiser out :)

These pictures are from my first outing with the MTU Four Wheelers. It was a blast, but I did take on some battle scars. By the end of the run, I had blown off the back of my muffler, put a slight twist on the passenger side of my front bumper, and put about a 3" crack in the top corner of the passenger side of my windshield. Did that stop me from going out on future runs? Heck no!

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These pictures are from when I got stuck on my second outing with the Four Wheelers. Wow, this mud hole was unbelieveable. Thick ooey-gooey-slippery-nasty mud. Needless to say, I got stuck with no problem. On this outing, I also found out first hand why a radiator should be cleaned off. After being filled with mud from the previous run, my radiator was a solid chunk of mud. As you might guess, this results in zero airflow to cool the engine. The result can be seen in the last picture.

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